Recognising the invaluable contributions of young minds and the need for unbiased, diverse perspectives, at Eco Flexibles we pride our business on creating a supportive environment where young people can thrive and adapt in the fast-moving and dynamic packaging industry.

As part of our commitment to cultivating the next generation of packaging professionals, we recently welcomed 21-year-old apprentice accountant Thomas Butler to our team, and he has hit the ground running.

Thomas kick-started his accounting journey after completing his AAT level 3 apprenticeship at a small family-run business. With a willingness to grow and eager to pursue AAT level 4, he found himself drawn to Eco Flexibles as a larger, growing business that he can evolve alongside.

“When I looked into Eco Flexibles, the speed at which it’s growing was very appealing. I wanted to work for a business where there are lots of people. Where I would get to meet and work with more people. Secondly the business itself is growing and that’s exciting, it’s a place I know I can grow with too”, he said.

At Eco Flexibles, we believe that empowering the next generation is key to our continued success. Simon Buswell, Founder and Director at Eco Flexibles says: “We really want to build a business that gives young people opportunities to develop a career- a lot of us have had the chance to ‘come through the ranks’ in packaging so to speak, and we really want to offer this back to the next generation.”

For Thomas, the highlight of his experience at Eco Flexibles is the people. Surrounded by colleagues of varying ages and expertise, he values the camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. Our company’s culture embraces acceptance, bridging age gaps and creating a space where everyone’s contributions are valued.

“Since joining I can already tell that there’s so much to learn and an opportunity for me to gain more and more responsibility and progress within the business”, says Thomas. “I feel supported by Jackie, my line manager, who mentors me and helps me to take opportunities to develop myself. Accountancy is what I really want to do but the career path is great here for me to develop my skills more widely in finance.”

Like us, Thomas believes there is room for people of all ages in packaging, saying, “older people have more knowledge and experience, but they can pass it on to the next generation, helping younger people like me to grow within the industry. Everyone accepts each other for who they are, and it doesn’t feel like there are any age gaps at all.”

In a constantly evolving industry, marked by exciting technological advancements, Thomas emphasises the significance of his generation’s familiarity with technology. Growing up with technology at their fingertips, he believes the younger workforce brings a natural affinity for innovation and efficiency to the table.

Thomas underscores that mentoring young professionals is not only an investment in individuals but a strategic move towards creating a thriving, multi-skilled team. By embracing the tech-savvy nature of the younger generation, we can harness adaptive skills and contribute to a more dynamic and innovative industry.

We believe that young people like Thomas bring fresh perspective to business processes, which is crucial as we are constantly striving to shake up the packaging market by making sustainability simpler and more accessible.

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