Packaging Case Study – Hunky Dory

Combining speed, quality and sustainability in one packaging project.

The Brief

When natural and sustainable snack manufacturer Hunky Dory developed Onli Natural, its range of dairy, wheat and gluten-free cold pressed bars, Eco Flexibles® helped the business develop the best flexible packaging solution to contain, protect and preserve the product.

Hunky Dory is a business that puts quality and experience at the heart of its product development, requiring packaging that helped to convey this with a very tight turnaround required.

An expert blend of speed and quality was absolutely essential to project success. Short lead times and close collaboration were required to ensure the product could be delivered on time and ready to grab attention on store shelves.

Our Approach

With speed of the essence, Eco Flexibles got to work creating a pack that was as sustainable as the snack bars within, developing a mono polymer to meet the needs of the product.

Taking the time turnaround into account, the company used its expertise in sustainable packaging design to offer full technical, trialing, pre-press and reprographics support to deliver an end result that provided outstanding graphic impact and offered the functional barrier protection required to maintain shelf life – all under a tight timeframe and maintaining optimal quality.

Eco Flexibles provided guidance on substrate and print separations, with the team handling the trial process to completion. This resulted in the validation of new machinery and sizing parameters, backed by an agile in-situ production line.

By truly understanding the needs of Hunky Dory and the product, every single stage of the process was completed with speed, safety and attention to detail meeting the company’s exacting needs.

The Result

The final product supplied by Eco Flexibles was a laminate mono polymer.

Crucially, the Eco Flexibles team completed the entire process, from the first engagement, running trial films, providing reprographics and prepress support, platemaking and delivering within just ten days.

The end result made great use of the award-winning Asahi AWP™ water-washable flexographic printing plates, which eliminate harmful VOC solvents from prepress. The plates reduce CO2 output while improving density, minimising dot gain and creating standout graphical impact.

Through comprehensive expertise on the design, development and manufacturing of lightweight flexible packaging, the Eco Flexibles team helped to deliver outstanding packaging for Hunky Dory in just ten days from start to finish.

What They Said

Paul Sangwin, Director at Hunky Dory: “Alongside the extremely rapid turnaround and impressive quality, what really impressed us was how they truly understood what we were aiming to achieve with the packaging of our Onli Natural line. They took time to understand what matters to us and delivered a solution that excelled beyond what we thought was possible in the time period. The packaging looks great; the graphics are crisp and it’s a fantastic fit for our brand.

“Our flexible packaging has retained the vibrant and impactful visuals that Hunky Dory brands are known for, and with top-line reprographics, it looks as great on-shelf as it does on screen.

“We’re also pleased with the choice of using Asahi AWP flexographic plates. As a responsible manufacturer, we’re always working to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. Cutting solvents out of our packaging prepress is another opportunity to reduce carbon output while creating packaging design and an end product that wows – exactly what our customers have come to expect.”