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The importance of proactive learning: Meet Supply Chain Co-ordinator Joshua Hutchings

Packaging is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving industries, and one where young talent can shine.

At the heart of Eco Flexibles’ commitment to cultivating the next generation of packaging professionals is the journey of Joshua Hutchings. 24-year-old Joshua is our Supply Chain Coordinator, whose passion for efficient logistics and supply chain management helps Eco Flexibles to deliver on all its packaging promises. Despite being new to the business, Joshua brings flexible packaging industry experience and has already immersed himself in the intricacies of Eco Flexibles, demonstrating a thirst for knowledge and taking on responsibilities beyond his role.

A graduate in International Business, Joshua’s journey into the packaging industry was not a premeditated choice but was driven by a keen interest in operational logistics.

“When I finished university, I took a graduate role at a food packaging company.” Says Joshua. “I was a planning and purchasing assistant there for two years before joining Eco Flexibles. I saw the opportunity to come here and progress, learn more and add more strings to my bow”.

The decision to join Eco Flexibles was fuelled by the prospect of progress, continuous learning, and the chance to diversify his skill set. At Eco Flexibles, we believe that fostering the next generation of packaging professionals is essential. New blood into the packaging industry is crucial in providing new perspectives and ideas, and challenging many of the status quos that are taken for granted. It’s vital that as an industry, we continue offering routes of development and progression.

What Joshua enjoys most about his role at Eco Flexibles is the diversity it offers. Contrasting with his previous office-based position, he enjoys a more hands-on experience, engaging in various packaging projects that keep him challenged, interested, and always learning. His enthusiasm for the varied nature of his role speaks volumes about the inclusive and forward-thinking environment at Eco Flexibles.

When asked about his perspective on career progression, Joshua is unequivocal in expressing his confidence in Eco Flexibles’ commitment to his development. “There’s already a number of different projects outside of my day-to-day role that I’ve had the opportunity to get involved with”, he says.

The sustainable packaging sector can often be a complex environment, particularly in terms of testing and accreditation, and Eco Flexibles prides itself on creating a business where individuals feel capable of evolving and growing.

The packaging industry is full of innovation and exciting technological developments, but typically tends to be the retail supply chain’s ‘unsung hero’. As Joshua puts it, “Often, shoppers don’t think about packaging when buying something, and it wasn’t an industry that was ever mentioned during my time in education, but in reality, it’s an absolutely pivotal sector. From my own experience in food packaging businesses, I’ve seen what a big difference the right technology can make in areas such as food waste. Material innovation is something that excites me about Eco Flexibles. A lot of time and expertise goes into creating, testing accrediting and producing recyclable monopolymer flexible packaging that performs just as well as incumbent non-recyclable mixed-material designs.”

Like Eco Flexibles, Joshua advocates for the inclusion of younger talent in the industry. He emphasises not only their flexibility, but eagerness to embrace new challenges at a time when the packaging industry is also seeing a lot of change. In addition, the packaging industry has many established ‘norms’ in how it operates, and how designs are conceptualised and brought to market.

This is one of the drivers behind Eco Flexibles, as we seek to shake up the packaging market by making sustainability simpler and more accessible, taking the heavy lifting away from in-house packaging teams. The business is established by experienced packaging industry professionals; we’ve walked in our customers’ shoes and use this knowledge to take away many of the common pain points associated with flexible packaging recyclability redesigns.

Individuals like Joshua, and those from outside the industry altogether, can bring new viewpoints and perspectives to the packaging industry, in turn fuelling fresh innovation in all aspects, from packaging materials and substrates, through to logistical operations.

As part of the growing Eco Flexibles team, Joshua is not just a talented Supply Chain Coordinator, but a passionate advocate the packaging industry. And, as he continues to learn new skills through his role and beyond, he’ll play an important part in the strategic growth of the business.

Interested in a career in packaging? Send your details into the Eco Flexibles team and if we have a vacancy we’ll be in touch!

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