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Eco Flexibles empowers the next generation of packaging professionals

Environmentally-conscious packaging producer Eco Flexibles is investing in the next generation of talent and encouraging young people to try out a career in packaging.

As the print and packaging sectors grapple with an ageing workforce, Eco Flexibles is focusing on empowering young people with the skills they need to thrive in the sector.

Recognising that young people can introduce fresh ideas and unbiased viewpoints into a business, Eco Flexibles has focused on developing its culture and development opportunities to provide appealing career pathways.

This approach – which included moving into more modern premises and creating new training courses – has already attracted a number of young recruits who are settling well into their new careers in a vibrant and engaging business environment.

Eco Flexibles is taking active steps to ensure a welcoming working environment where employees feel valued and listened to. For example, staff are being asked for suggestions for improvements they would like to see to the business’s new headquarters, including amenities such as dart boards and table tennis stations in the break areas.

Recruits are also being offered career progression opportunities through training, and existing team members are encouraged to offer support and coaching.

Simon Buswell, Founder and Director at Eco Flexibles, said: “As we look to develop our company further, empowering the next generation of packaging professionals will be key to our continued success. We really want to build a business that gives young people opportunities to develop a career – a lot of us have had the chance to ‘come through the ranks’ in packaging so to speak, and we really want to offer this back to the next generation.

“What’s more, taking a chance and hiring someone new into the industry comes with a strong possibility that they’ll be more adaptable. After all, employees who have spent years in the same sector or role can potentially become set it their ways. Introducing new talent can help to question these established processes, bringing innovation, passion, and energy.

“We’re delighted that our focus on building a welcoming culture that supports new recruits has already been so successful and that our young people are settling in so well to their new roles, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they develop in an exciting new career.”

Lily McQueen, 23, who recently joined Eco Flexibles as a Sales Administrator, added: “I liked the sound of how much success Eco Flexibles has had in the past five years and I thought this was a great opportunity to work with passionate, successful people. I am still learning about the industry, and everyone I work with is open and encouraging. If I don’t understand something I know I can ask any one of my colleagues and they’d help me, everyone feels comfortable here. I don’t feel like the new girl, I just feel part of a great team.”